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Byepix – Mission Beta


Byepix – Mission Beta


Welcome to

Byepıx mıssıon

The most profitable platform for earning in-game currency, tokens, or NFTs by completing simple tasks!

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What Are Missions?

When you accept a Mission, you will be asked to do specific things. By completing a few tasks, you will earn rewards.

Incredible Design

What Tasks Will I Do?

Some of the tasks are only-time tasks, while some are limited to once a day, and some are unlimited.


Use your points, swap your tokens, or sell your NFTs


What is Byepix Mission?

Byepix Mission is a platform full of opportunities to make money by completing tasks that were created as a result of the value we place on our community and our efforts to build and accelerate the expansion of the Byepix network. 



With Your Friends!

Do the tasks together, win and earn together,
spend together.


Byepix Social Hub

Join groups, share content, and your success stories, answer questions, chat with friends, or like posts.

Connect with People
In the Forums!

On our platform,

  • You can meet new people and have a good time.
  • Strike up a discussion with a friend. Who knows where it will lead!
  • Ask questions to the community what you want to know. You are very welcome to join!

Level 1-20

Level 20-30

Level 30-40

Level 40-50


There are five different main rewards, such as Pioneer, Daily, Login, Level, and Badge. And all of these come as result of Missions with different difficulty levels and earning rates.You can earn up to 10 dollars’ worth of points per day, which you can convert to the in-Metaverse currency Epi or to Epix, which is the governing token of the Byepix, and cash out.

Mission Features

Complete profiles, a great gamification system, welcoming forums, and a plethora of other social features!

Easy to Navigate

Navigate easily and effortlessly between all pages and platforms.

Display all of your rewards

All your earnings in one page; your points, tokens, and NFTs.

Awesome Community

A fantastic community with extremely detailed profiles, social links, gamification items, and much more!

Gamification System

A fantastic gamification system that includes badges, quests, ranks, and credits to earn and unlock!

Friendly Social Hub

It’s simple to navigate and post in the forums! Create your own conversation to interact with others!

Dark/Light Presets

You can switch between light and dark versions!
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